New Thanksgiving Traditions

November 29th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to be spent with family and friends to reflect on everything you are grateful for in life. Usually we are most thankful for good health, family, and the food on the table. Normally my family would start the day with the Macy’s parade on the TV, no breakfast in anticipation of the feast, all helping cook together, then food all day on the couch watching some good old American football sharing some laughs.


I think the first time I was a wee bit homesick was thinking about the comforts and traditions of Thanksgiving. But this year a new tradition was made in Belfast.


All the southern scholars travelled to Belfast to come together as the SCL family to share some laughs, good food, and celebrate our traditions. All the SCL staff made the effort to come help us celebrate a holiday that has no meaning to them. Close to 80 people all gathered to help celebrate OUR holiday, which on the 13 scholars care about.


That is SCL for you, Thanksgiving was important to us, so it became important to everyone and they knew how to make us feel at home. Each scholar got a surprise video from family and friends from home wishing us a happy Thanksgiving. There were mostly hysterical close ups of our parents, which gave us all some great laughs but also a few tears. I’m grateful to have had our own SCL Thanksgiving to remind me that although I wasn’t physically home, I have a new home and family in Ireland, which I couldn’t be more thankful for this year.


Victory Scholar: Caroline Murphy

Present University: University of Ulster

Alma Mater: Gettysburg College

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