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November 21st, 2014 | Uncategorized

Every Monday morning, bright and early, Barry and myself go through a hour long lesson with the primary school boys at St. Munchin’s primary school in Limerick. To be honest, I can see why they can hardly sit still. We either discuss the history of Arsenal Football Club, beginning in the early 1900’s, in order to help them with reading and writing; or what we may do are math problems related to football in some way. Quite frankly, the resources that the Arsenal Double Club program provides are amazing, and I am happy to be a part of anything Arsenal. Still, working out of the workbook is not the most fun thing in the world, even I can remember that from my elementary days. But the kids are kept engaged by the prospect of an hour of football every fourth Monday.


Well luckily for them, last week was that fourth Monday. It was quite rainy outside so we played with about 18 boys in what appears to have been an old classroom with hardwood floors. A little indoor futsal, eh? The kids were bouncing off of the walls, literally. I had so much fun, as I am sure they did based on their energy levels.


What was cool for me was the fact that for some reason they thought that I was leaving back to America after this session (must’ve been a joke Barry made or something). As we were closing the session, all the kids were worriedly asking if I was going back to America and if I would be coming back to Ireland. Although I could reassure them that I would be seeing them for a while, it was definitely encouraging to know that, although they may seem disengaged and half asleep on Monday mornings, the sessions and interaction mean something to them. That’s really why we are here, to provide something meaningful and memorable for them. Now that I know they value this connection, I am pretty inspired to keep making connections with these young guys. I have to say, affirmation, appreciation, and confirmation, whether direct or indirect certainly makes me happy that I am in such a privileged position to act as a role model for these kids. They’re champs.


Victory Scholar: Jonathan Nelson

Sport League: ATLANTIC 10

Present University: University of Limerick

Alma Mater: Dayton University

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