‘We Remember’

November 11th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Being in Ireland has taught me so much in the aspect of thinking about the world and not just the place you live in. As an American, we are thought of as this giant in which we believe the world revolves around us. In retrospect, the world revolves around every country no matter how big or small.

It’s like looking into a business. The first thing someone notices is the CEO, shareholders, or investors. We, as in the world, are so quick to overlook the people working 9-5 and doing the everyday dirty work to allow the business to succeed and run. Being an American I feel that we sometimes think it’s our world and other countries exist in it but revolve around us.

On 11/11 (Remembrance Day) here, they honor the fallen members who have died in the line of duty for their country ever since World War I ended. Before I always thought about the World Wars’ and that it shaped my country in a different aspect as well as the lives of millions. I never once truly thought about all the families that were affected by the death of soldiers in duty whether it be from large or small countries. So this year on 11/11 I didn’t only think about American veterans or Veterans from the UK, I thought about every veteran/soldier and family member that has ever been affected by any war. In one way or another, each person was loved. Ireland has taught me a lot and now it has taught me to always think of everyone, no matter how big or small.


Victory Scholar: Ronnie Thomas

Present University: University of Ulster

Alma Mater: Bridgewater College

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