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I’ve always been a dreamer. I wanted to be the next President before I wanted to be a Division I college basketball coach. I wanted to see the world just as much as I wanted to become a college graduate. It’s amazing to know that in 2014 I was able to accomplish both of those feats.
After having an end to my first semester of graduate school at the University of Ulster in which I created an enterprise, wrote up a new community outreach program, and provided investment suggestions for financial reason to companies it was finally time to see Europe.
As my brother and girlfriend arrived from the U.S. (Amazing to finally have people from home close by) we set off for our journey to Paris. After sitting in the airport for 6 hours being sleep happy and laying across one another on the plane to find the most comfortable way to sleep, we finally had landed in Parie. Before we set off for adventures throughout the city we had to find our hotel first. Tom (my telephone gps name) took us on a 120 minute walk up hundreds of steps and numerous hills to find a spot that had no hotels insight. After talking with a nearby clerk we were headed back to our hotel in the area that we first began. Over the next few days and much better help from Tom we were able to explore Parie to the fullest. 
Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Love Lock Bridge, and even a PSG Ligue 1 game was some of our numerous stops while in Paris. Next up on the list is Berlin, Germany before heading to London on Christmas Eve. It’s amazing to think how much I thought my life would change this year from graduating college. Now it’s amazing to know how much it has changed since becoming a Victory Scholar. From being on the way to earning my Master’s to living in the United Kingdom for a year. In between it all, I’m just traveling the world something I always dreamed of.

Victory Scholar: Ronnie Thomas

Present University: University of Ulster

Alma Mater: Bridgewater College

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