CUP FINAL here we come!

January 24th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Tuesday night we got a training slot in the National Basketball Arena; the gym where we will be competing in the Cup Final on Sunday for. I had been there before for the Basketball Ireland media day in the beginning of the year and sat up on the bleachers and looked at the impressive space. There are many, many different gyms that I’ve played on multiple times and ones I walk into and am overcome with memories that bring me back to my MAAC games, the AAU days or in high school.


I might look back and remember a certain game, great play, the technical fouls, or the emotions that were left with me when the buzzard went off and whether that feeling was fulfilling or not.


This Sunday I am not worried what that feeling will be. I’m not worried if we will ‘look good, feel good, play good’ cause we just got AMAZING new “gear” (uniforms) with some USA stars on ‘em… I’m not worried that we won’t be fueled properly because of the sketti overload that’s being specially prepared for us as a pregame meal in the Oblate Hall…and finally, I’m not worried any member of this team including all our club supporters, other players, our friends and family will believe in us.


This club is a real family that offers nothing but support to each other on any day of the week whether it’s on the court or off. It’s basketball and this association what has brought a lot of them together, just how the Sport Changes Life program has brought me to them.


At my first practice with the Dynamos, I saw the poster of the team who had won the cup final hanging on the wall as you first walk in. From that moment on, without meeting any of the team or coaching staff, I had made that same goal for our group this year. It’s a privilege to be where I am today with this amazing club, who I barely even knew existed 4 months ago! I’m so grateful and, more importantly (for the time being) – PUMPED to play tomorrow!


So glad my family will be able to watch as well and stream it online via Basketball Ireland Facebook page! Let the games begin…4:30pm National Basketball Arena.




Victory Scholar: Jennifer Morabito

Sport League: MAAC League

Present University: Trinity College Dublin

Alma Mater: Canisus College


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