Murphy Fam Takes on Ireland

January 17th, 2015 | Uncategorized

I had an amazing visit and week of travelling with my dad and brother commencing with my birthday celebration! We spent three full days in Dublin; hop on hop off bus, Kilmainham Jail, Dublin Museums of Archeology and Art as well as Christ Church and St. Patrick’s Church. Our time in Dublin was highlighted by a visit from fellow Dublin Victory scholars Jen and Christine who came to meet my family and share their Dublin expertise!


Next was on to Galway for a quick day, so I missed my favorite Galway scholars, Daryl and Nicole. Next was a long and snowy drive to Donegal for a night before we headed up North. Although the weather was less than ideal for an American driver on very skinny and curvy Irish roads, my dad kept us alive through the trip. He only drove on the wrong side of the road twice.


We had a quick stop in Port Rush before we stopped in Bush Mills for the Bush Mills Distillery tour and on to Giants Causeway. Although the weather tormented us our entire trip, whenever we seemed to need an hour of clear skies, we were lucky. Giant’s Causeway was just as amazing as everyone says and was the highlight of my trip. While I have been in Ireland I have had a handful of moments where I stop in the beauty of the natural surrounding around me where my head is clear and I have time to think.


On the top of Cave Hill looking out at all of Belfast, at Gobbins Path listening to the waves crash, and now Giants Causeway. It was a truly happy moment as I stood with my family and thought to myself how genuinely happy I am to be here doing what I am doing. This experience through SCL has given me endless opportunities to explore Ireland and explore myself.


After Giant’s Causeway we drove to Belfast where I showed my family my stomping grounds and we ending the weekend with a fun night celebrating my 23rd birthday! As they left for the airport I remained happy, never sad. A spectacular week and a great start to the New Year leaving me excited to get back to work here in Northern Ireland!


Victory Scholar: Caroline Murphy

Present University: University of Ulster

Alma Mater: Gettysburg College

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