Lip Syncing in Onesies

February 16th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Christine’s sister, Katie was a Victory Scholar with Sport Changes Life last year and lives in Dublin. Her roommate Shelby still lives here as well and contacted the group of us, (now known as the “syncing scholars”) about a lip-syncing debut that could potentially change our lives.



A classmate of Shelby’s’ is on his way to creating a new MTV show called Lip Sync Wars and were looking for Americans living in Ireland to create videos for it. The pilot will be filmed later in March right here in Dublin, where we may be potential performers seeing that our video makes it! As for our video, it’s quite entertaining for you all to watch it, and embarrassing on my end even though I pretend that I have no shame!


On our way to fame, we decided that nothing else would help us get there, but to start off with a classic trip to Penneys and pick up some wild safari onesies (Chris as the Famous Flamingo, and I as the Lanky Leopard). The veterans – Katie and Shelby already had theirs and the group of us rocked them in the professional filming (done by Katie’s boyfriend, Hillary) from Trinity campus to Grafton Street and to the fountain on College Green.


Although we didn’t quite know the words, we really hope our dance moves and enthusiasm will get us to the next level in March!! It’s crazy thinking that an opportunity – be it a lip syncing competition would present itself to us here on our Victory Scholarship…but it did! My every day life today is full of new experiences and opportunities with coaching, my studies, as well as these extra curricular activities! I couldn’t be more excited for my next days and month here with Sport Changes Life.


 The moment you’ve all been waiting for…. Click and have a good laugh 🙂


Victory Scholar: Jennifer Morabito

Sport League: MAAC League

Present University: Trinity College Dublin

Alma Mater: Canisus College

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