My Good Friend Jimmy

March 18th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Jimmy Ward is simply a genuinely great guy, and has had a huge impact on my experience here in Ireland this year. He is on both my midlands team and college team and his love of the game is truly remarkable.  He makes many sacrifices to continue to play the game he loves such as traveling over and hour and half for training and even has driven me and teammates rides to games the airport when I went home for the holidays.


At 34 years of age jimmy is still able to rack up a score sheet like he did in the college finals, but this blog isn’t about the gaming winning shot he hit in the big game that capped off our ITC over Galway or how he was the MVP of the college finals. This is about the guy who was at the hospital with his mom who was about to have serious surgery a week prior to the game on Wednesday.


This is about a guy when after hitting that shot and celebrating with the team he went and coached a youth team then heading back to the hospital with his family. Jimmy is a true feel good story and no matter what the circumstances always comes off cracking jokes having a laugh and making people smile.  Whenever our team or IT Carlow group is training or going out or a bit of craic the immediate question is “Is Jimmy coming!?”


His goofy child like charisma is rare and always brings up the energy and moral no matter what is going on. It really is a beautiful thing.  It also goes to show how good karma grants good things to good people. I’m thankful I’ve gotten the privilege of meeting and knowing James Ward and look forward to our future adventures in Ireland and around the world.  He has not only been an inspiring role model but more importantly a better friend. You’re the man Jimmy!


Victory Scholar: Patrick Connaghan

Sport League: Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference League

Present University: Institute of Technology Carlow

Alma Mater: University of the Sciences


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