Always good to end on a high…

May 3rd, 2015 | Uncategorized

So, it looks as if I’ve ended my basketball career…but have I really? It’s so strange to think about as I started playing 16 years ago on the St. Mary’s boy’s team when I was 7 years old! Not a year has gone by when I haven’t played, and I’m feeling a bit old…

It is so strange to the Irish that after college, we don’t play on teams anymore; our competitive careers are just over, and we move on to…well trying to motivate ourselves to go to the gym like normal people…? Here, there are leagues for the youngest, all the way till you can no longer move anymore with leagues that compete across the country. I love this, as well as many aspects of the sport world in Ireland.


Looking at the ending of our season, my girls and I at the Oblates ended on one of the greatest highs I’ve ever had in basketball. After losing to Portlaoise in the Cup Final a few months back, we made it to the end of the season League Final in March, where we faced them for yet another, and final time. Emotions got a tad high as my voice cracked like no other while attempting to give a little motivation speech; AKA jumbled sentence and a half.


The game consisted of great contributions from many of our players, and in this fight – we weren’t willing to give into and thank goodness – came up on top!

At the buzzer, — aaah at the buzzer!!! It was like in the movies …Okaaay, so at the buzzer all the girls and our coaches: Terry and Lynn and our manager Jen came running on the floor jumping and screaming and not caring about who we may be knocking over or stepping on one bit. Our wonderful fans that traveled with us, and other friends and supporters rushed onto to floor, and at some point during this I gave a huge sweaty hug to Victory Scholar, Ryan, who was there cheering us on. We sang the Oblate Dynamo signature chant, and then got together to receive our medals, where I was honored to accept League MVP and Player of the Game.


The whole season and experience with the team was really, all I could have ever wanted. Surrounded by good people, I was able to be myself, support them in all ways I know how, and come to see these girls have become great friends. I could be my nutso self in practice and in games; at any and every opportunity to create some energy (that may have scared them at first…or still…) not only for my own enjoyment (laughing at myself), but in order to motivate and show them just how much this all means to me.


It’s so sad they we have no more Tuesday/Thursday night practices, and I’ll miss the full gym at the Oblate hall for home games; the warm up tape and getting ‘giddy’ when training was moved back to the 9pm slot…


I will forever be thankful for my Victory Scholar experience with the Oblate Dynamos!


“DYNA – WHAAAT?”…  😉

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