First Love

May 25th, 2015 | Uncategorized

played multiple games in one day. One thing I love about our girls is they are always excited and ready play. Even though we traveled to Thurles (an hour away from Limerick) on an early Sunday morning, they all showed up ready and eager to play! I didn’t have to give any riveting motivational speeches (even though I have a few up my sleeve) – as soon as they arrived at the gym and stepped on the court, it was game time!


Sometimes we tend to forget that innocent love for the sport we play – the reason why we first wanted to play sports in the first place. It’s easy to forget that in college, where for some it may seem to turn into a job instead, but seeing the girls with pure enjoyment on their faces was priceless. If only I could’ve counted how many times I was asked – “What time is our next game?!?! How much longer?!?” 


I also had my last coaching sessions of the season this past week, and I was overwhelmed with the warmth and gratitude from the UL Husky girls and their parents. I’m truly going to miss each and every one of them, and hope they learned a little something about basketball this season 🙂

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