Ireland Survival Tips

August 29th, 2015 | Uncategorized

When going to a foreign country, it is quite obvious that you will come across things that are a little unusual to you.


This was nothing definitely the case during my first week spent in Northern Ireland. However, I quickly realized that there was nothing insurmountable that I faced in the first week of being in this foreign country. So here is my short list of tips and things I have learned from the start of my Irish journey.

  • – Cars are tiny, not ideal for a 6’7” guy.
  • – Don’t exchange money in an airport. I got robbed by a little old lady at the foreign exchange desk.
  • -“Wee” is a synonym for small… I think.
  • -The Titanic was built in Belfast.
  • -Giant snails live in Ireland.
  • -Fudge means caramel.
  • -Biscuit means cookie.
  • -Irish chocolate is “quite nice”


While none of these will make or break your trip to Ireland, knowing some of them in advance could prevent a “wee” bit of confusion. 


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