Nick Names and Card Games

August 26th, 2015 | Uncategorized

After quite an eventful day learning the ins-and-outs of Sports Changes Life and some good ol’ fashioned pick up, we headed over to the Cos’ Cafe for our first bowl of Irish Stew. It wasn’t nearly as rustic as people make it sound but it was quite hearty and a nice distraction from the icy rain that picked up. We made a not-so-quick trip to Tesco and thankfully made way to the showers before we were able to spend our night off in the common room. After Meghan’s music started the laughs came soon after. Emily decided I look more like a RiRi and Lilian effectively told us, “By the way, it’s Lil” during our rounds of cards and stories with former Victory Scholar Ryan Ansel until the wee hours of the morning. Hard to believe it’s only the end of Day 2 and it is even harder to believe we’ll have to separate for  the year when we’ve been having such a great time together. 🙁 C’est la vie. 


Victory Scholar: Marritta Gillcrease

Present University: NUI Galway

US League Partner: MAAC

Club/Community Partner: NUIG Mystics

Alma Mater: Rider University

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland 



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