Rim Rockin

August 30th, 2015 | Uncategorized

When the international customs agent in the Dublin airport asked, “What brings you here?’, I had a slight pause thinking through all the different things Sport Changes Life has offered me. I replied to inspire and motivate young children throughout Ireland and get my Master’s degree.


That’s when reality set in and my rim was rocked. This is my first time in another country and I get to use the sport of basketball, once again, as a vehicle to help others like it has, and continues to help me. I also never imagined obtaining a Master’s degree and continuing to play basketball at a competitive level.

Fast forward a few days after experiencing Northern Ireland first hand, and all the photogenic sights it has to offer. We passed the same place numerous times throughout the week but every time I felt a need to snap yet another picture of the same exact things. We got to meet a group of young people who have incredible potential, heart, and intelligence through the eHoops program. This was the next to rock my rim because I learn so much from being around them and they’re just fascinating to get to know. Above all, I’m here for these kids and they subconsciously teach me about the world, myself, and life.


Lastly, a young child asked me to dunk an alley-oop while we were scrimmaging. He threw a perfect pass and I jumped and rocked the rim just like every other routine alley-oop, except for the first time in my life I was back on the ground with the rim in both hands. The kids had a ball of it and I was in just as much shock.


These first few days have been extraordinary and I could not be more blessed. I look forward to being challenged and having my rim rocked for the next year and bettering the world as I go!


Victory Scholar: Harrison Deyo

Present University: IT Carlow

US League: MAC

Club/Community Partner: IT Carlow Basketball

Alma Mater: Alvernia University

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland 

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