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When we came home from a coaching session one evening last week, Jazmen and I were greeted with the smell of bacon cooking. Our two Irish roommates, who share our four-person dorm with us, had decided to treat us to a traditional Irish fry for dinner. Maidy and Caoimhe (I dare my American readers to try to guess how that Irish name is pronounced) are undergraduate students at WIT who have been lovely roommates to us. They have made it their mission to educate us yanks on Irish culture, beginning with the fry.


An Irish fry consists of fried eggs, bacon, sausage, rashers, beans, toast, and white and black pudding. Oh, and tea of course, but that is a given; tea is served with everything during all hours of the day and night. A lover of food, I devoured basically everything on my plate, except for my black pudding. For those who don’t know, black pudding is similar in appearance to a sausage patty you might find in America. However, it is not sausage. It is actually made of pig’s blood, and the fact that I knew this made me very skeptical of trying it out. I did manage to have a of it, but knowing what it was put me off it despite the fact that it actually tasted alright.


Everything else in the fry tasted amazing and Jazmen and I were so thankful to not only experience a little bit of Irish culture, but also to be living with two of the nicest Irish girls we have met since being here. For our next lessons, Maidy has given us a list of Irish songs to learn and Caoimhe puts on her favorite Irish soaps every night. Living with them, I have no doubt that us yanks will be well cultured by the end of the year!




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