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Before coming to Ireland, I asked as many people as I could about what I should see and do while I am there. Without a doubt, the most popular answer I received was the Cliffs of Moher. Having never really heard of the Cliffs before this, I was wondering why they were so popular.


Gillian, Lorna, and I decided that before the Super League basketball season started, we would go see the Cliffs and check them off my Ireland bucket list. (Shout out to Lorna by the way for driving us all the way up and back!)


Immediately upon getting to the Cliffs, we were faced with a steep hill, in order to get to the top to overlook the entire land mass. Naturally, during the ascent we complained about how steep it was and how it felt as if it were never ending. Once we got to the top, we all went speechless.


The view is indescribable; something that even a photograph couldn’t do justice. That’s when the tourist mindset set in. I started taking pictures of EVERYTHING! Asking Gillian and Lorna to take a million pictures.


What really made me stick out as a tourist though, was the selfie stick. Yes, I brought the selfie stick, how could I not? In fact, it ended up taking the best pictures, definitely worth the tourist harassment I got from Gillian and Lorna. 🙂


3 hours of walking and 63 pictures later, we had completed the Cliffs of Moher trail. After finishing the hike, it is safe to say that it is one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. 


After today, I know exactly why everyone had suggested I visit the Cliffs during my stay in Ireland. 


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