For the Love of the Game

September 14th, 2015 | Uncategorized

I played basketball because I loved the competition, spending time with friends, and most of all because it was fun. As I continued playing this game my passion for the game grew and I began to take it very seriously. With some hard work and a lot of luck, this game took me to heights I could have only dreamed of.
In college the game that I loved changed. It changed into more of a job than a game. The rigorous schedule of daily practice, 6am workouts, and academics along with the high pressure to succeed took a toll on me. I felt like I was in a cutthroat business where you either succeed or you didn’t matter. For the first time in my life I questioned if I even wanted to play this ‘game.’ I never regret sticking through this struggle, but there is no doubt that some of my love and passion for the game dissipated during those four years.
Then basketball provided me with yet another amazing opportunity, to become a victory scholar and spend a year in Ireland. I joined the Galway Titans and saw a team full of players who were there for one reason and one reason only. They enjoy playing the game. They had no one making them go to practice, no one dictating when and where they had to be. They are playing the game today for the same reason that I played when I was a kid. I’ve been to three Titans practices to date, and it is amazingly refreshing to see this. I couldn’t be more excited about joining this group to win some games and most importantly to play this game for the reason in which is intended.


Victory Scholar: Cory Starkey

Present University: NUI Galway

US League: Patriot League

Club/Community Partner: Galway Titans

Alma Mater: Bucknell University

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland




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