Freshers week

September 23rd, 2015 | Uncategorized

Normally, I would be savoring every second of freedom before the start of class, but after two weeks of daily bonding time with only Meghan and myself, I am pumped at the chance to meet some new people and hopefully (fingers crossed) make some new friends!! No offense to Meg, your great and all but two is a lonely number.
Today we got our first taste of all the excitement that surrounds the start of the semester here at Trinity. Freshers week, as they call it, is basically orientation week for any new undergrads; during the week, there are events all over campus as well as tents set up all along the front square with different groups and activities to join in on. It literally is like the scene from Pitch perfect, where clubs are recruiting the students, basically fighting over kids to get them to join in. Since we are living right on campus, Meg and myself decided to venture out and see what all the commotion was about.
We walked through the aisles of tents, not exactly there to join anything but more so just to browse, and of course, scoping out any free food we could snag! But they had everything from Science clubs, ultimate frisbee teams, and even a Psychic club. We started off by saying no thank you to anyone who approached us, as we both logically felt that we wouldn’t have any time for additional club activities. With all the school work, classes, coaching, AND playing on two basketball teams, there was no way we would have time for clubs. Right?
…Well fast forward 30 minutes later, and somehow Meg and I are the newest members of the Hiking club, Kayaking club, and American football club! We are now also a couple euros poorer as none of these clubs were a free membership. Ask us join a bunch of clubs that we barely have time for, and somehow that is in our budget!
Although in hindsight, we probably did not need to join ALL three of these clubs, as I doubt we will have time for weekly kayak trips, hikes and/or football games, it was really fun feeling immersed with the Trinity students and starting to meet new people. And who knows, we may become the most avid kayakers in all of Trinity by the end of the year! I’ll keep you posted…


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