Home is Where the Coffee Brews

September 17th, 2015 | Uncategorized

On the day before my departure to Ireland, my mom presented me with a very thoughtful gift: packs of instant coffee. She knew that my first two weeks on this side of the pond would be rather hectic and she worried that my routine of a morning cup would be interrupted. “We know they’ll have hot water for tea over there, so you will be able to use these packs to hold you over until you can brew a pot each morning,” she reassured me.

During my first days in Ireland, I resorted to some desperate measures to try to improve my instant coffee: squirrelling away packs of sugar from gas stations, collecting small creamers, boiling water from a bottle instead of the tap. Each morning, as I downed my … lacking coffee, I counted down the days until I could drink my perfect cup (I’m really into my coffee, if you haven’t caught onto that yet). I wasn’t used to the itinerant lifestyle, and was looking forward to settling into my own place.

Now that I am finally settled in my wonderful new apartment in downtown Carlow, bags unpacked and books shelved, I relish the act of retiring those instant coffee packs. I’m excited for the next time I’ll need them, when I am travelling and exploring new places. But for now I am enjoying my daily cup of home-brewed coffee. 



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