Locked In

September 11th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Lil and I arrived in Carlow on Monday and took a brief tour of our new school and gym. I am excited to call this home for the next year. It shows some similarity with my alma matter but much more differences. It is bigger in population and a much higher percentage of international students. This dynamic is different for me and can’t wait to explore it.

I got to play for the first time with my team for ITC Basketball, and it brings that nervous, butterfly feeling back. I’m looking forward to getting to know my team. They are very welcoming and easy to talk to, just like the team I came from. It seems like a great fit and I’m locked in for the season.

Lil and I got news that our accommodation was cleaned and ready to go and we were extremely anxious to move in. She has a master plan as she is the interior decorator and I am excited to get back to cooking and can’t wait to see the kitchen!

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