Retrace Your Steps

September 9th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Kelly and I headed into the city today to go to the mall and see some of the beautiful sights of Belfast. We were having a blast and then we stop at McDonald’s to get something to eat and the unthinkable happens! My wallet is not in my pocket, all sorts of thoughts start to go through my head, “You’re an idiot jimmy, how can you lose it again and this time in a foreign country with all your information” I could hear my mom yelling at me from across the Atlantic. But then I thought “Retrace my steps!”. We hurried to the train station and I figured I would ask the security guard to see if he found it. He looks in his stash and there it is. He was so nice and happy that I came back for it if it wasn’t for the window separating us I would have given him a hug. It’s funny to see some of the things we take for granted. Now that I found my wallet I am so happy, that one incident and my whole day changed . Life is funny like that sometimes… sometimes you have to look backwards to go forwards.


Victory Scholar: James Zuccaro

Present University: Ulster University

US League: Skyline Conference

Club/Community Partner: Ulster Elks

Alma Mater: College of Mount Saint Vincent

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