Sweet fries…

September 14th, 2015 | Uncategorized

“Sorry, we’re American. Could you speak a little slower for us?”

These first couple of weeks here in Ireland has heard this phrase, or others like it, continuously repeated. Maybe it’s not an apology, but often being American is a way of explaining a certain habit or behavior. Some more examples…

“Sorry I’m taking so long, I’m not used to dealing with Euros!”

“Sorry for sitting in the driver’s seat, I’m used to the passenger’s seat being on the right side of the car!”

The list goes on.

But the other day, when Harrison and I ate lunch at a great 50’s-style diner in downtown Carlow, being American wasn’t an excuse for the mistake we made. We were at first wondering why the table was equipped with a large container of salt but no pepper. But we barely hesitated before pouring the salt on our fries. Sorry, “chips.” It took much longer than is excusable for us to realize that yup, that was a container full of sugar.

The 10 packets of Ketchup we ate with our “chips” were a definite sign of our foreignness. But the sugar coating our fries was more a testament to our carelessness. We wished we could use being American as an excuse.

The laughter that ensued was definitely worth two plates of sweet fries.  


Victory Scholar: Lillian McCabe

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