Unexpected Lunch Date

September 10th, 2015 | Uncategorized

I’ve been feeling a little in over my head with classes  and I haven’t quite made friends yet so I either eat lunch and text my “205” friends or I walk home and eat leftovers. But today I decided to have a seat at Smokey Joe’s for some soup and soda bread between classes. I hadn’t been there long before I wound up in conversation with a woman who told me she was a spanish teacher/activist. Once I told her the field I’m pursuing she asked if I knew about the effort to privatize water, how lucky we are to have rights as women and the list of places that can’t say the same. I was nearly speechless thinking of the uphill battle I will face my entire career. But more than anything, it felt like a sign I’m doing the right thing and that’s enough to keep me afloat until everything else falls into place.


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