Waterford Girls Finally Arrive

September 3rd, 2015 | Uncategorized

Eating pig’s blood, coaching camps, and learning how to play Hurling and Gaelic football pretty much sums up my Dublin experience. Spending every second with the Sport Changes Life family in Dublin was fun, but it was imperative for Katie and I to depart to Waterford to attend Induction Day at WIT.  I feel both intimidated and excited to begin my postgraduate course for the upcoming year. Intimidation derives from the overwhelming amount of information the professors gave us on the first day and intimidating in a sense that I am an international student. However, I am excited because I like the feeling of being challenged so this year will truly test if I can obtain academic success in another country. In Ireland, graduate timetables, known, as schedules in America, are different than my academic scheduling at William and Mary. At William and Mary, you could create your own schedule where classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday typically lasted 50 minutes and classes on Tuesday and Thursday lasted an hour and a half. At WIT, they create your academic schedule for you depending on your course choice. Also, class is three times a week and can last from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I am confident that I will be able to quickly adjust to Ireland’s academic culture, I am even more confident that Katie Fox and I will be a tremendous pair during our time in Waterford. Ever since middle school, I have been called by my last name Boone or Boonie and very few people refer to me as Jazmen. Katie has referred to me as Boone or Boonie ever since I arrived in Ireland, so I knew we were going to become great friends. Not only does my name reference give me a sense of home with Katie, but also there are other factors to why we are a perfect pair of scholars:


  1.    1. We are both extremely competitive
  2.    2. We are already on the same page about pretty much sharing all of our belongings like true friends
  3.    3. She is easy to talk to and communicate with each other very well
  4.    4. I can laugh constantly with her
  5.    5. She’s a little ball of energy that will keep me going when I feel exhausted
  6.    6. We understand that we are in this together to make our Ireland experience unforgettable


With that, Foxy and I are ready for what Waterford will throw at us and begin classes Tuesday 


Victory Scholar: Jazmen Boone

Present University: Waterford IT

US League: CAA

Club/Community Partner: Waterford Wildcats

Alma Mater: The College of William and Mary

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland


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