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October 18th, 2015 | Uncategorized

This last wednesday was an unexpected eye opener as we got to work with an all boys football team from South Africa. With our Short Strand girls EHOOPS group we played ultimate frisbee and basketball with them to help give them a break from their 23 day football tour of Northern Ireland. 


I laughed as I watched boys who had little introduction to basketball try to make a layup, and they laughed at how silly I looked trying to dribble a soccer ball. 


Watching the children interact made me feel like a child again, it was beautiful. Two groups from across the world were unified and had an immediate connection through sport and they were being coached by coaches from a completely different hemisphere, but surprisingly not a whole lot was lost in translation. The night was loads of fun.  It amazed me how well we were all able to communicate. There were questions flying all night, we were all so curious of one another. Before the night ended I had to ask what kind of music was popular in South Africa. I’ll never forget the way one of the guys looked up and said “Rich Homie Baby”. I had to laugh. I listen to certain music to get me pumped for my game, but I never thought about a boy across the world listening to the same songs to get himself pumped up for a football game. The world really is small. 


It reminded me of why I loved basketball, and all sport in the way that it has the power to build relationships and force people to come together. I have already met so many people, traveled the world and formed relationships that will last forever, all through sport, and I will not forget the night I met the lads from George Sports Academy.



Victory Scholar: James Zuccaro

Present University: Ulster University

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