A Dublin #SundayFunday

October 19th, 2015 | Uncategorized

From when we all first arrived from the states back in August, just to pick up and go our separate ways after only a week, I’ve been looking forward to when I could see my fellow scholars again. A couple of us were finally able to have ourselves a Scholar Holler ™ (Sarah B), or in other words, a wee reunion.

This past weekend Jazmen, Katie, Sarah and I had a great time staying with the Trinity girls, who just happen to have the whole city of Dublin at their doorstep. Being in the midst of Rugby World Cup fever, we started off our day watching the Argentina vs. Ireland rugby match. I’ve never seen a rugby game before, so from our standing-room only view I couldn’t really tell what was happening beyond what looked to be a cross between a football and a marshmallow being spewed out of a pig pile of guys. However the game’s resemblance to American football meant that I wasn’t completely lost, and I enjoyed watching Ireland’s little comeback run after starting down early.

However, we couldn’t stay to watch the end of the game because we had to catch the last Viking Splash tour of the day, an impromptu decision we made after seeing a few of them pass us by on the street. Just by the sight of the plastic Viking hats everyone gets on the boat, I was sold on the idea. I am also a fan of the Duck Tours at home and appreciate that it’s a great way to learn about a city, that is, if you can embrace being shamelessly tourist. Needless to say, we were all about it.

Shout out to Mary (also known as Emily) and Meg for being such great hosts! I plan on returning the favor once we have our first true Scholar Holler for Thanksgiving up here in Belfast.

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