A Spicey Visitor

October 4th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Katelyn Spicer called me on Monday, September 21st at 10:50pm, happy hour in NYC.  She asked if my upcoming week was busy and I let her know that classes were just starting and I had the rare weekend free from basketball games. 42 hours later, she landed in Dublin.


Spice, as I call her, and I met when we were 15. I remember her at our first AAU tryout, wearing a tie-dye shirt and not participating because she was still playing in the playoffs with her high school team. I wanted to be friends with her so badly. Being rather bookish and afraid of talking to people, I never thought I could actually become friends with someone so outgoing and fun.


That turned out to be a pretty superficial understanding of both of us. As our time on the Lady Knicks went by, we discovered that we had substantial similarities that ended up becoming the foundation of one of my closest friendships. Her presence reminds me how much basketball has changed my life, especially off the court. We met playing together, and got even closer when we were co-assistant coaches during our senior year.


Her visit here meant so much to me. Her positive energy and spontaneity is contagious, and her connection to home was really comforting for me in this time of transition. We have bonded over our Irish heritage in the past – both having Irish danced in our younger years – and have shared the dream of spending time in this wonderful place. Each time we made eye contact and yelled in unison, “We’re in IRELAND!” (and that happened more than you might expect) I remembered that I am truly living out a long-held dream of mine.   


Thinking about her visit to Ireland, I feel like Spicer has managed to pull me out of my shell all over again. It felt like I met more new people in the 4 days that I was with her than in the 4 weeks I was here before that.  I am so inspired by her adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things. It’s incredible, the places you can be #42hourslater. 


Victory Scholar: Lillian McCabe

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