Back to the Future

October 25th, 2015 | Uncategorized

In honor of reaching October 21, 2015, as highlighted in the Back to the Future movie, I thought it was a fitting title for this blog. Although this blog will not exactly have the same story line, you’ll see what I am getting at.   


This weekend, I finally got to meet last year’s Limerick Victory Scholar, Kelsey Harris, whom I have heard so much about! (Only good things of course). After many conversations through Facebook seeking advice, while asking a million questions, it was finally nice to meet her in person!


For those who haven’t quite caught on yet… the past scholar met the future (present) scholar. Maybe I am trying to stretch this one a bit, but regardless it’s a cool concept!


Anyway, it was so awesome to finally meet her in person. Even though we didn’t know each other previous to this, we instantly connected, like we had been friends forever. It was so cool to have not only a fellow American next to me, but also one that was in my exact place just a year ago.


I met Kelsey at one of the UL Huskies youth practices that I was coaching at. It was so awesome to watch all the little girls run up to her so excited to see her again. Seeing their facial expressions and reactions made me realize how much of an impact she left on them. I can only hope that I can do the same after my year here in Limerick.  


Sport really does change life. Through this program and the sport of basketball, I was able to create an instant friendship with someone I had just met. I am yet again so thankful for all the opportunties and experiences Sport Changes Life has given me. 


Victory Scholar: Sarah Benedetti

Present University: University of Limerick

US League: NEC

Club/Community Partner: UL Huskies

Alma Mater: St. Francis College 

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland


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