Being Open

October 13th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Meeting new people can offer so many wonderful things.  I believe each person on earth has his or her own view and understanding of the way the world works.  Attending Ulster University with so many people who come from various backgrounds has offered me an opportunity to meet people from all over the world.  Not too long ago I was inside of the sports hall on the Jordanstown campus exercising.  While completing my exercise routine I like to take time to think and reflect.  One of the thoughts that came across my mind was that I should make a serious effort to meet as many new people as I can.  So immediately after my workout I started doing just that.  I have been introducing myself and shaking hands everyday for about two weeks to as many new people as possible.  I recently noticed how many people I have met so far just by when I walk across campus and receive various hellos and handshakes.  One of my personal goals that I set for myself before arriving was that I was going to be as open as possible.  What I meant by that was that I was going to allow myself to experience as much as I could while maintaining my core values.  A part of doing that I would say is meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.  I look forward to looking back over my experience and seeing how many new friends from different backgrounds and cultures I will be able to say I have gained.  “To GOD Be The Glory”



Victory Scholar: Jonathan McNair

Present University: Ulster University

US League: East Coast Conference

Club/Community Partner Ulster Elks/ Anderson Town Tigers

Alma Mater: St Thomas Aquinas College

Sponsored By:  Teamwear Ireland


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