Cafeterias and Homecookin’

October 12th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Almost every week someone asks me if I miss my family or “how things are in America”. Normally, I tell them No but after talking to Cory, Lil, and Harrison this past weekend I was able to put a finger on the thing I do miss. Sorry Ma* (Dad, and Rissa) thanks to Skype and FaceTime, what I really miss is my cafeteria and having a meal plan. *Gasp* *Pearl clutch* Horrifying concept to some I’m sure. I can’t speak for every college student but I have fond memories from being a permanent fixture in Daly’s cafeteria. (I’m talking hours at a time here). I’m even reminiscing over the circular tables and French toast sticks during my official visit in 2010 before the remodel. But overall, I miss the conversations held at those tables (Read: Defending my Steelers’ Good name/Six Rings or answering questions on how our ‘match’ went) and access to food I didn’t have to cook myself.


Unfortunately, cooking for myself means that I shop like I’m still in a family of 4. So this past week I went toe-to-toe with my oven twice in order to use up some overstocked, withering fruit. I turned out banana bread loaves and blueberry pound cake (*ahem* from scratch *ahem* lol) that I was able to share with my teammates and coaches after the game. I was so pleased everyone enjoyed the snacks and it gave me pause and time to really appreciate just how very different of a dynamic I have here with the Mystics. So if my lack of a meal plan means we get to bond over baked goods then I’m good with that.


*Ma knows how we feel about food, don’t worry she’ll understand.



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