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October 22nd, 2015 | Uncategorized

Like clock work, at about 6:00 am every morning, my next door neighbors wake me up! No matter the day, or how hard I try to ignore them, I still always manage to hear them. But for some reason I can’t be too mad about it.


But let me pause for a minute before you start thinking I’m using this blog to complain about my housemates… Because I’m not. Who could possibly be my loud next-door neighbors then? Prepare yourself for this one… It’s definitely someone you’d never expect.


My noisy next-door neighbors are COWS. Yup, about 40 cows grazing in a field no more than 30 feet from my bedroom window.


I’m definitely not in Brooklyn anymore, that’s for sure.


If anyone else were to wake me up at 6:00 am on a consistent basis I would be pretty mad… But when I wake up to cows mooing outside my window I can’t help but laugh.


Not only are they great alarm clocks, but they’re so interesting to watch. I constantly catch myself looking out the window looking at them.


There are black cows, brown cows, little baby calves… they’re all there, doing their thing in my backyard.


The funny thing is you’d think I would have noticed them prior to week 7 of my semester… I swear I’m not that oblivious.


The cows magically appeared one day and haven’t left ever since. After speaking to my roommate who knows a little bit more about farming than I do, told me that the farmer constantly changes the fenced in area for the cows. Who knows how long they’ll remain this close to my building.


But for the time being, I will enjoy the 6:00 am wake up call from my mooing alarm clocks.



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