Highlight of My Week

October 6th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Sunday was a great day all around as the weather was beautiful, I got to see a competitive basketball game, and had one of Lillian’s classmates over for dinner.  The weather has been very nice in general and it was about 60 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny throughout the day.  I went to the Carlow girls game to support them against Tralee, and they gave a tough fight but came up a little short.  Then Lil and I made tacos for her new friend from Austria and had some great conversation about a range of things.


Then came the highlight of my week. Every Sunday evening, I attend our local catholic church called the Cathedral of the Assumption. I was in a bit of a rush because our taco dinner ran late. I got to a busy intersection and pressed the button for the crosswalk.  An elderly woman with a cane was waiting to cross as well, and gave me a proper stare down if I’ve ever seen one. Then proceeded in the cutest elderly, Irish lady accent, “Will you please help me cross the street, my head gets awfully dizzy?”. 


Of course I was delighted to help her across and asked where she was going.  As if God didn’t bless me enough with this encounter, she was headed exactly where I was and we walked together the rest of the way to church.  We talked all about how Sport Changes Life is such a good opportunity for the youth of Ireland and for the American scholars as well.


I am beyond thankful to her just for crossing my path that evening.  She made me realize that I have been given abilities to impact everyone that enters into my life. I continue to see why I’m on this journey and I’m changed for the better with every person I meet.

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