Home is Where the Whole Foods is

October 9th, 2015 | Uncategorized

When my mom sent me a text that she could send over some stuff for me with one of my aunts, my mind was racing with both things I wish I packed and things I missed from America. But my requests were pretty strange when looking back on it. The first few were typical- a forgotten jacket, a few scarves- but my next requests were apparently what Ireland is severely lacking. Peanut butter. Whole Foods peanut butter. For my American readers, you obviously know what Whole Foods is. But Ireland has not yet been blessed with the amazing awesomeness of delicious and nutritious goodies that is Whole Foods. It really is very unfortunate. My next request was gum. Not the pellets that they have here that lose flavor in 2 milliseconds… Real PIECES of Orbit gum. Even though my mom sent me Wintermint flavor when I’m really more of a Peppermint kind of gal, she still hooked me up with about 50 packs. And I am one happy camper!!
So for anyone hoping to come to Ireland soon, pack your gum and your Whole Foods favs because obviously those are the essentials!


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