I put on for my city (Gaelic Football)

October 4th, 2015 | Uncategorized

One of my goals before coming to Ireland was to learn about the pride of the fighting Irish and how it became so strong. 

In my Sports Management class this week I began to get a little taste. A member from the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) spoke in our class. He spoke about the great things that the association does for youth sports and talked about how most of their revenue came from the tough nosed sports of Gaelic football and Hurling. These sports generate millions of dollars for the organization with ticket sales, endorsements and apparel but the athletes are all amateur, they don’t make a dime. A professional hockey player in our class asked how could a league like this exist, don’t these athletes expect to be paid? The speaker replied saying it was all about pride and representing your town, paying the athletes would compromise this. A Gaelic football player in class agreed he said no matter how good or bad his team was he would always play for them and his hometown it’s not about money. I loved it! It was something that spoke volumes about Ireland. It’s not about the money it’s about representing the people you love and the love of the game. It really opened my eyes. I don’t know if this could exist in the states, but I will tell you what, when the new Gaelic football season starts, I’ll definitely be at a game!

Victory Scholar: James Zuccaro

Present University: Ulster University

US League: Skyline Conference

Club/Community Partner: Ulster Elks

Alma Mater: College of Mount Saint Vincent

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