Lucozade Sport and a Toastie

October 26th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Last weekend, my 14u team and 18u team both had a game on the same day but I had about an hour break between the games. Like I said in one of my previous blogs, I am always hungry and always eating, so I packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to eat during my break; however, there was no need. After the 14u game, one of the moms came up to me and said to follow her to concessions stand and she will give me a Lucozade and make me a toastie. I had never heard of these terms before so I quietly watched to see what she was making.  A “toastie” is like a grilled cheese sandwich and the Lucozade is a sports drink like Gatorade. The toastie she made was ham and cheese with pineapple and it was absolutely amazing. It tasted just like a Hawaiian pizza and she ended up making me another one without me even asking because she could tell I liked it so much. I had been searching for Gatorade since I got over here in Ireland and have not had any luck but now I am all set with the discovery of Lucozade Sport. This snack definitely gets a two thumbs up from me. 


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