My Dream Come True Leads to Living Nightmares

October 17th, 2015 | Uncategorized

For this year to be a dream come true – living in Ireland, coaching, playing basketball, and going to school – I have recently survived a surprising number of my reoccurring nightmares in real life. That number is two.

I often have the dream that I am trying to play basketball under water. You can imagine how frustrating this might be. Basketballs just don’t bounce as well on the ocean floor, you know? In these dreams, I can barely move, let alone shoot the ball, I can hardly see my teammates through the murky setting, and I am overcome with the sharpest sense of frustration that I’ve ever experienced in dream world.

A few weeks ago, I walked into a gym with my ITC Basketball team and tried to wake myself up. I felt like I must have been dreaming. The walls were painted blue, and the muted yellow lights contributed to the under-water feel. I tried to mentally prepare myself for the frustration that I so strongly associate with those nightmares; I thought a setting so close to my dreams would surely conjure the same emotions. But the scrimmage was much better than my dream reality – the ball actually could bounce on the concrete floors, I actually could lift up my legs and run, and I definitely was able to see my teammates.

The other nightmare I survived happened in class the other day. It was an employment skills workshop, and the day’s topic was interviews. I cringed when I heard that we were going to do some practical application of the things we learned. I dream sometimes that I am sitting in front of a panel of people who are asking me questions I do not know the answers to, or I’m being forced to promote myself – something I really struggle to do.

We had to get up one at a time, sit in a desk facing the rest of the class, and give our “elevator pitch” (telling someone about yourself in less than a minute). As I walked to the front of the classroom, I asked, “Am I asleep? Because I’ve definitely had this nightmare before.” I was so nervous, even in this casual setting and in front of my classmates whom I am comfortable around. But this nightmare didn’t end the way it usually does when I’m asleep – i.e. in me being catatonic, unable to speak at all. I got through my pitch without stumbling, and I think I actually did it pretty well.

These two events have made me appreciate even more what I am doing here this year. Not only am I living a dream, I am overcoming my nightmares. I am challenged every day to face my fears and overcome them. I am so blessed to have such an opportunity for growth. 



Victory Scholar: Lillian McCabe

Present University: IT Carlow

US League: Atlantic 10

Club/Community Partner: ITC Basketball

Alma Mater: Davidson College

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