Perks of Being in Waterford

October 20th, 2015 | Uncategorized

I used to always joke with my friends about living a lavish lifestyle in a big city similar to Gossip Girl (an American TV show I religiously watched in high school), but the more I am exposed to the city life the less I actually like it. Katie and I’s recent visit to Dublin made me appreciate my life in Waterford. I am not saying Dublin is not a lovely city but I would prefer to be in Dublin strictly for visiting purposes.


Dublin is a baby New York City filled with numerous people occupying its streets surrounded by Ireland’s main attractions and best shopping stores. Endless pubs and clubs make the nightlife incredibly fun. The buildings in the city are breathe-taking with its vintage stone appeal and rugged antique personality, despite the fact that the little patch of grass in Trinity College is the only green I saw throughout the entire city.


If you are someone who enjoys the fast life occupied by so many events at every second during the day (good luck with trying to sleep at night) then Dublin is the city for you. Personally, I love visiting the city life for the craic but I enjoy my peace even more. For those who have never visited Waterford, it is a beautiful city that is surrounded by the countryside. Waterford has a city centre that is quite small but is perfect enough for a girl like me even if everything closes around 6 p.m.  The live entertainment contributes to Waterford’s vibrant atmosphere where taking a small stroll or grabbing a cup of tea/coffee in the city is just as satisfying as you wanting to do some shopping.


Right outside of Waterford’s city centre is a beautiful bridge exiting the city leading you to fields full of green grass and farm animals such as cows and sheep. Sometimes, I will unconsciously inhale the fresh air in Waterford and gaze at its features. On the other side of the city centre a few miles up is my university where Waterford’s public transportation system helps getting to and from city easy.  The campus, which is currently covered in Fall leaves, my favorite season, is quiet and a great place to go for casual walks for study breaks or to free up your mind. Thanks to my trip to Dublin, I will cherish Waterford even more because “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”.


Victory Scholar: Jazmen Boone

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