Philosophy and The Life Long Effect

October 20th, 2015 | Uncategorized

The summer going into my junior year of college I had spent a large amount of time thinking about what I wanted to study in school.  When it came time to register for classes I still didn’t have one subject area that I was in love with or a dream job outside of professional basketball that required a degree in a particular concentration.  I decided to just take a look at my strengths and all of the things in life that I was passionate about. 

After much thought I decided that whatever degree I choose I wanted it to help bring me closer to my passion while allowing me to showcase my personal skills.  I thought a law degree would be perfect since I have a passion to help others and  since some of my stronger skills are critical thinking and communication.  With philosophy being a good undergraduate major for anyone looking to attend law school I chose philosophy as my major.  Although I am not studying law at the moment my philosophy degree has helped me tremendously here in Northern Ireland with my masters of communication studies. 

Learning along side people from different cultures was something studying philosophy prepared me for.  Through my study of philosophy I was exposed to different ways of thinking and viewpoints so I am aware of how people can be so similar and different at the same time.  I appreciate the beauty in comparing differences and similarities and gaining the opportunity to learn from each other.  As I wrote about in my blog “Being Open” on how I have been trying to meet as many people as possible while I am here in Northern Ireland. The study of philosophy showed me the value of studying and understanding differences.  So much thanks goes to the faculty and staff at St Thomas Aquinas College.  “To God Be The Glory”



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