Sit long & talk much

October 1st, 2015 | Uncategorized


To those of you back in the States, you might not understand how much this saying speaks volumes to the Irish culture. There is a difference in the appreciation that Irish have for talking, and conversation in general. 


This past Sunday, my old Villanova teammate’s grandfather, or as we call him Poppy, came to Dublin to take me and Meg out to dinner. He was born and raised in Ireland, and therefore is quite the conversationalist like most Irish. 


And believe me, he is a character. The man has lived life to the fullest, and has some of the greatest stories to tell. Although Meg and I were preparing for our first day of classes on Monday and had tons of things we needed to do, we sat and talked for hours with Poppy. We talked about everything from his first love to how annoying wifi passwords are.


After we finished eating and were just hanging out, he asked if we wanted another drink; instead of worrying about our mental to-do list for the night, we just said “sure, why not?” 


Irish people are never too busy for a good conversation, for another cup of tea, or for another cider (the non-alcoholic kind of course!). YOLO


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