The Impact Of Support

October 28th, 2015 | Uncategorized

My teammate Mark Galway and his brother Ian have just invested into a gym here in Belfast.  They just started Cryo Spa therapy treatment room at the BFIT gym located at 453 Ormeau Road Belfast, United Kingdom.  I went down to check it out and just give the guys some support and encouragement as they start their new business venture.  The gym is in a great location and has everything a top gym should have.  I have seen all of the work Mark has been putting in promoting the gym and it really shows how dedicated he and his brother are to making the gym an absolute success. 

It really means a lot to have the people around you support and encourage the things you are doing in life.  The right encouragement at the right time can be that extra push that is needed to make it through a tough day.  We all know that everyday won’t be full of happy moments and set backs are bound to happen.  One of the best ways to handle adversity is to focus on all of the positive things that are happening in our lives and remain faithful that God is in control.  I encourage everyone to support their family and friends; they can use it more than you know.  Thanks to everyone who supports me, I truly appreciate you.     “To God Be The Glory”


Victory Scholar: Jonathan McNair

Present University: Ulster University

US League: East Coast Conference

Club/Community Partner Ulster Elks/ Anderson Town Tigers

Alma Mater: St Thomas Aquinas College

Sponsored By:  Teamwear Ireland


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