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November 3rd, 2015 | Uncategorized

Last week Lil and I started learning wheelchair basketball for the first time.  We are being taught by a group of about 10 young people age 5-15.  It is far different from what I’m used to because height doesn’t play much of an advantage.  The whole group is much faster and more co-ordinated with the ball than I am. They have been teaching us the basic rules of the game and the tricks they’ve picked up over the years.


One trick they showed me is how to pick up the ball off the ground.  The trick is to ride beside the ball and pin the ball with your hand to the bottom of your wheel.  The wheel will do all the work as you continue to ride and a second later the ball is at the top of the wheel.  It’s little things like this, that they so easily pick up on and they are very creative while playing the game.


Soon Lil and I will be coming up with a warm up game that we can all do together.  This will be challenging. To think outside the box and come up with something they’ve never seen before while improving their skills at the same time.


I am learning so much about myself and the world just by watching and interacting with them. I learn to be creative, patient, confident, and caring.  They all have a sense of love and care for each other in their own ways.  You can see the passion. You can see the drive to interact and have fun with each other. I look forward to these sessions every week and learning more from these young people.


Victory Scholar: Harrison Deyo

Present University: IT Carlow

US League: MAC

Club/Community Partner: IT Carlow Basketball

Alma Mater: Alvernia University

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland



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