A Familiar Accent

November 5th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Even since I arrived in Ireland, I have gotten quite the ear for accents. No matter where I am, whether it’s in class, around campus, or in the City Centre, I pay close attention to people passing by. I want to pick up on their accents because they are all so different and unique.


Being at the University of Limerick, a hot spot for international students, as well as being so close to central Europe has exposed me to so many different types of people. All of which, have very unique accents and dialects. With that being said, I love listening to people and guessing where they are from based on their accent or language. I admit I also do love hearing another fellow American as I walk around campus. But regardless, a person’s accent or dialect tells a lot about himself or herself.


The accent I picked up on while I was sitting in class the other day held a different meaning to me. We had a guest lecturer in class and my teacher warned us that he was from Belfast, and that his accent might be a bit difficult for the foreigners in class to understand. I laughed to myself because I knew all too well how hard that Belfast accent could be.


However, this time around, the accent wasn’t difficult to understand, it instead brought back memories of the first two weeks I spent in Northern Ireland. From the very first ‘wee’ to the overall tone of the guest speaker, it reminded me of the Sport Changes Life family that spoke with that same accent to make myself, and the other 12 American scholars feel welcome in an unfamiliar place.


From that point on, I realized accents are useful for a lot more than an indicator of a person’s native land. In fact, that might be the least interesting thing an accent can tell you about a person. The memories and experiences tied to a particular accent mean so much more.   


It’s safe to say that the notorious Belfast accent will always make me think of the Sport Changes Life crew and the amazing opportunity they have provided me. 


Victory Scholar: Sarah Benedetti

Present University: University of Limerick

US League: NEC

Club/Community Partner: UL Huskies

Alma Mater: St. Francis College 

Sponsored by: Teamwear Ireland


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