An Irish Halloween Tradition

November 2nd, 2015 | Uncategorized

I returned home from London Sunday night and thought the Halloween celebration was over. Maidy, who goes home to Cork every weekend, came back and surprised me with Barmbrack. It is an Irish Halloween custom to eat Barmbrack, a loaf full of raisins, as some sort of fortune-telling game to get in the Halloween-y spirit. I am extremely lucky to live with Maidy because whenever an Irish tradition turns up she makes sure her two American friends, Katie and I, and Stanka, our Croatian friend, are aware of it.

Stanka came over to join in on the fun and as Maidy is cutting us slices to go along with our tea, she explains the game of Barmbrack. This loaf does not only have raisins but other knick knacks of a stick, a ring, a pea, a cloth and a coin; however, the loaf of Barmbrack Maidy bought did not have the piece of cloth or coin. If your slice has one of these things, it means:

Pea: you will not get married in the year
Stick: you will have an unhappy marriage
Ring: you will marry in the year
Coin: you will be rich
Cloth: you will be poor

Us starving girls ate the entire loaf out of eagerness and deliciousness. Unfortunately, Stanka got the stick yet Maidy got the ring and I got the pea. I highly doubt a piece of loaf will tell us how our futures will turn out but it was all part of the fun. In America, I usually spend my Halloween nights watching horror movies, getting dressed up and eating large amounts of candy; so I’m happy this year was a complete mix up as well as learning a new Irish tradition. I’m excited for what Maidy will show us next as my Irish journey continues.


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