Cliffs of Moher, Breathtakingly Beautiful but Slightly Terrifying

November 10th, 2015 | Uncategorized

I was a little nervous going to the Cliffs; since the first day that I announced I was going to Ireland, anyone and everyone has raved about the jaw drawping-ly beautiful Cliffs of Moher. So there was A LOT of anticipation. But I have to say, the cliffs lived up to all the hype, and went above and beyond my expectations. 

It’s funny though, when describing the cliffs, it seems that no one ever mentioned how terrifying they can be! Our trip at the cliffs consisted of gazing in awe walking along the cliffs, followed by the non-stop yelling at each other to step back from the edge. The cliffs are extremely high up, with walking paths extremely close to the edge, leaving NOTHING in between you and a very scenic fall to the rocks. I am being slightly dramatic, but it was scary. However, the extra adrenaline rush only heightened the experience, making the visit even more memorable. 

And as you may have guessed, we all made it out alive (yay!), living to tell the tale of our amazing experience at the cliffs. #breathtakinglybeautiful #butslightlyterrfiying


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