Dreams Require Personal Investment

November 13th, 2015 | Uncategorized

A few of the young guys on my U16 team that I am coaching have been asking me questions about ways that they can improve as basketball players.  I have been giving them all tips on ways that they can become better individually outside of practice.  I have always been a strong believer in hard work and investing in yourself to make your dreams come true.  People who may be connected to your dreams and personal development become more inclined to help you achieve your goals when they see that you are deeply invested.  I recently held a voluntary Sunday practice for my boys and I was really encouraged to see all of the boys that took the initiative to show up.   The practice was very successful the boys came and gave a strong effort from beginning to end. 

I encourage anyone who is looking for help with accomplishing their goals and furthering their personal development to just pour everything they have into their dreams and allow God to push the right people in your life who will take notice and provide help.  Even if you fail or things don’t go exactly as you planned you can avoid regret knowing that you did everything in your power to accomplish your dreams.  Give yourself a chance to make your dreams come true by giving your all. “To God Be The Glory”


Victory Scholar: Jonathan McNair

Present University: Ulster University

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