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November 8th, 2015 | Uncategorized

Trading has always been an area in finance that I have found interesting. Last year, I was able to job shadow a trader in NYC and a bond trader in my hometown of Raleigh. The high pressure atmosphere really grabbed my interest and it was an amazing experience to see the traders in action. They were always yelling across the room to different employees, answering phone calls, making phone calls, and typing a million miles per hour on their keyboard.  They each had four to five computer screens at their desk that displayed the program Bloomberg. Bloomberg is a very complex program that I found very confusing when I was shadowing them. There were orange letters and numbers all over their computer screens and information seemed like it was overflowing.

However, I was ecstatic when I found out that the University of Limerick had a trading floor and that I would learn how to navigate Bloomberg. Two of my classes meet in the trading floor and I am learning that Bloomberg is not as complicated as I had originally thought. One of my classes on the trading floor is a derivatives class and I am currently in the middle of trading project for this class. On Friday two weeks ago, the professor assigned each student a company. We had that weekend to research the company and then that Monday we began a three-week time frame of trading the stock’s call and put options. This has definitely been my favorite project out of all my classes and it is really fun to implement the different trading strategies we’ve learned in class to try to make a profit. We only have one week left in the project but this has definitely sparked an interest into a possible career path for me when I graduate.


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