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As a college student, I have come to realize that there’s nothing quite like a home cooked meal. Because I’m going on my fifth year living away from home, I have only come to appreciate home cooked meals more and more. That is why I was so thankful when John Hayes, the manager of the Wildcats Club, invited Jazmen and I over for dinner one night this week.

John and his wife Nelly have been wonderful to us during our stay. On our first night in Waterford, they opened their home to us so we would have a place to sleep since our permanent accommodation wouldn’t be available until the following day. Additionally, John has been incredible, offering Jazmen and I a lift to wherever and wherever we need to go. He has shown us boundless kindness in his willingness to give up his time to drive a couple of yanks around.

Most recently, John and Nelly were kind enough to open their home to us once again, this time for dinner. Nelly made a lovely spaghetti bolognese and John “made” tiramisu for dessert, which looked strikingly like something sold in grocery stores… The food was delicious; Jaz and I were in heaven!

I don’t think they realized how much Jazmen and I appreciated their kindness. I think most college students who live on campus would agree with me when I say that no matter how nice their accommodation may be, there is just something special about being in a home. And—although Jaz and I are so thankful for the accommodation that we have—we were also very grateful that John and Nelly allowed us to be part of their home, even if just for a short time. A little kindness—and a good dinner—can go a long way. Jazmen and I left the Hayes home that night with our stomachs, and our hearts, full.


Victory Scholar: Katie Fox

Present University: Waterford IT

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