Oh, the things you’ll see on Grafton Street!

November 4th, 2015 | Uncategorized

As I complete my assignment in my room, I hear the song Hallelujah being played by the trumpet. I walk out of my flat and out the front gate of Trinity, intending on going for a run. Turning left, I walk towards Grafton Street to get to St. Stephen’s Green, a beautiful park and one of my favorite places in the city. For those who don’t know, Grafton Street is pretty famous here in Dublin. It’s full of shops, food, and entertainers looking to catch the attention of the countless tourists walking along it. It’s always full of people and it is always loud. Trust me, Emily and I can hear it from our window! Needless to say, I’ve kind of stopped paying attention to some of the crazy things on this street as I walk along it from day to day to go for a run or just to hit the grocery store.

But today, instead of just walking by all of the entertainment of the street, I took my time and soaked everything in. On my left is the man playing Hallelujah beautifully with the trumpet. A few steps down on the right is someone carving sand to perfectly look like a dog. Next to him is a group dressed in all black sitting like statues- everyone thinks they are statues in fact- and all of the people who stop to take pictures are amazed that they aren’t. It’s pretty creepy if you ask me! Next up is an older man with gray hair who is tap dancing to some Irish music. He really just taps his feet randomly in my opinion, so I think he only gets attention because he’s a cute old man 🙂 Another older man in a suit plays the guitar and sings some classic music. He’s one of my favorites. A breakdancing group is getting a lot of attention as their dance moves shock the crowd. A kid with some serious ballhandling skills and tricks shows off to another crowd with his soccer ball. I think of how long he had to practice to get that right. There’s a beautiful painting being done at the end of the street and people stop in awe. So many interesting people, talents, music, dancing, everything.
So many sights to see on such a small street in a small city! I can only imagine the things I am missing out on in other parts of Dublin. But I’ll tell you one thing, you will never get bored walking along Grafton Street. I can’t wait to see what it looks like at Christmas time!!

Victory Scholar: Meghan McGuinness

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