How To Party: A Titans Xmas Tale

December 12th, 2015 | Uncategorized

So what’s the recipe you ask?
1 Night full of Christmas cheer
Cold ‘lashing’ Rain, with a dash of hurricane; Hold the hail
And of course Craic


So let’s set the scene, shall we? Picture it. It was the first Friday night in December. I was baking a cake for the Mystics game the next afternoon and was up to my elbows in chocolate frosting before I realized it was getting late; I had a party to attend. Kelly, “our appointed entertainment officer”, had reserved a table for us so we could celebrate the holidays as a team. I cleaned up the kitchen a teensy tiny bit before getting myself together and prepared to brave the storm. I wasn’t in much of rush because who really wants to hang out with their ‘coach’? As per usual, I was wrong.


I arrived to An Púcán to a table full of #Titans, dressed up, made up, looking lovely and in high spirits. They welcomed me with open arms and proffered drink. Being the *ahem* committed athlete that I am, I declined but truly appreciated the sentiment.

It wasn’t long before the ‘white-elephant gift exchange’ took place. With my draft pick, I had selected a lovely coffee mug which read, “I Love Basketball” until Danielle deboed* it. Other gift selections included candy, a Galway Masters Shirt, costume mustaches and eyebrows, cat food, and handmade salt-n-pepper shaker covers-turned-finger puppets. Let me tell you, Clar does a lovely talking chicken impersonation. Then, Eva was kind enough to share her wealth so we all donned faux ‘staches/brows and held an extensive photo shoot as evidenced above. Lol To my surprise, I was presented with a personal present, card, and artwork courtesy of Kelly’s two little ones. If I was the sentimental type I might have cried, but all the same, I cherished the moment with an ear-to-ear smile instead.
We talked for a while but true to form–and being the same set of ladies who requested a Zumba session– we hit the dance floor with Wayne and the lads. It seemed like we were all just getting warmed up when the DJ gave the dreaded ‘last song’ call. It was a blessing in disguise because bed was probably the best thing for us all but make no mistake, #Titans know how to party.



*Deboed- verb. When someone steals something that belongs to you without reason or forewarning, generally done with malice. See ‘Friday’ for further information. Lol Term used here as a hyperbole :).



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