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December 10th, 2015 | Uncategorized

After completing my last exam of the week (one more next week), I decided to celebrate in a way that I haven’t gotten to do since the semester started… I went for a run. Now I know most people wouldn’t put celebrate and run in the same sentence, but for me going on a nice run is one of the best feelings, especially after studying all morning!


Between my busy schedule, and the pretty much constant rain, it poses a challenge to ever get a run in outside. Luckily, after my final, the Limerick rain gods finally let up, giving me just enough time.


Running outside, especially in Limerick, is awesome. I get to explore new roads and areas that I normally don’t get to see in a car. Although I will admit, it got a little interesting when I looked around and did not recognize a single landmark. Between that, and constantly reminding myself that cars drive on the left side of the road; it posed quite the adventure.


Exploring a new area means that my run consisted of many stops along the way. Not because I was tired, although a break is always a nice bonus ;), but because the landscape was beautiful. I constantly found myself in awe of Ireland’s natural beauty, as well as the massive puddles of flooding that are developing because of all the rain Limerick has gotten!


Now that school is coming to a close for Christmas, I hope to get a few more opportunities to explore Limerick in a way other than car!  


Side note… Dad, this post is for you! Who would have thought after all these years of arguing about going for a run, that I would finally do them willingly?! 🙂 <3



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