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December 26th, 2015 | Uncategorized

When we first stepped off the metro and walked up to the streets, we were in awe of our surroundings and of course, we paused to take a selfie in front of the view. We totally jumped the gun taking the picture though, as we later realized that we were not even near the prettiest part of the city. It was not until we walked down towards the cities’ old town square and across the river to the castle that we truly saw the beauty of the city. At each point we paused to take a picture, only to realize that a few steps later there was a prettier and prettier view! 
One of the highlights of Prague was my morning walk with Boonie. We really only had 2 days in Prague, so I made sure to get up early the morning before we left the city and walk down to the famous bridge to look at the view of the city one more time. Boonie was the only one up and ready, so me and her took a peaceful stroll to the bridge, talking about life the whole way down. The sun was shining, making the view of the city even more vibrant, reflecting against the river. Of course we almost got lost on our way back, but that seemed to happen often to us.
After taking in one last view of the city, we were off to our next destination!

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